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Hi there! I’m Georgia. I am a 23-year old PR girl, voracious carnivore and travel obsessive.

I was born and raised in the West Midlands, possibly the most boring region in England. After earning my undergraduate degree in History and Politics at the University of Warwick I moved up to hilly, rainy Yorkshire to complete a Masters in Journalism at the University of Sheffield. I quickly realised that I never wanted to be a journalist, and made a swift transition to the dark side – public relations. I am now rep heathcare brands while cycling around the beautiful university city of Cambridge. On the side I try to squeeze in as many trips as 23 vacation days and a junior level salary allow.

I’m something of a late convert to travel. I considered travel to be the preserve of self-indulgent hippies chasing their ‘selves’ around India, or something people spent two weeks lying on a beach in Costa Del Sol every August. Consequently I only took my first solo trip in 2012, at the ripe old age of 21, spending a personality-altering summer in South East Asia.

Since then I’ve been packing in as many trips as my  bank balance will allow.

When I tell people my preferred method of travelling is alone, I still get those weird looks. And then one of these comments almost invariably follows: ‘That’d be my worst nightmare’ ‘Isn’t it boring?’ ‘How do you take pictures of yourself?’ ‘I would never let my daughter/friend/other female variation do that. It’s far too dangerous.’

I once agreed. But after waiting around, hoping that one of my friends might want to come with me, or that they’d finally scrape the money together, I gave up, dusted off my debit card and with trembling fingers booked my first flight to Bangkok – alone.

Travelling solo for the first time left me with a confidence and happiness that I never expected to experience. It chucked me head first into a world a thousand miles away from the comfortable cruise and resort-style holidays that were all I’d known up to then. Ever since touching down in Bangkok I’ve been chasing that feeling, everywhere from the crumbling jungle ruins of Angkor Wat to the deaths camps of Poland.

Think you’re too shy to travel alone? That people will think you’re a loner? That the world is just too dangerous or that people will look down on you? I once thought all of those things. Then I shrugged, thought ‘fuck it’ and got on the plane.

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• Travelling is in my blood. Most of my family are travelling showmen: they travel around the UK (and sometimes further afield) running fairgrounds
• Give me a mojito or a glass of the red and I’ll be your bestie all night
• My favourite places in the world are Mexico, Amsterdam, Iceland, Croatia and Granada
• I don’t really like Australia. There, I said it. The unthinkable
• I’m scared of flying, and not just a little bit, it absolutely petrifies me. I’m talking sweating, shaking and sitting in brace position for the majority of the flight. So I did what any sane person would do and developed a morbid fascination with plane crashes. Even before 2014. I can list practically every aviation accident in history. What a party trick
• I’m a city girl. Maybe it was growing up surrounded by nothing but fields, cows and more fields, but something about exploring a  city that ets me all kinds of excited
• I’m an unrepentant carnivore. I can’t wait to dig into the steaks of Argentina, the BBQ ribs of the southern USA and… Basically, I like meat
• Horse-riding is the only sport I’m capable of. I can’t ski, swim, or even do a roly poly
• I like making lists far too much

I love receiving comments, it makes me pretty smiley. Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin’ or Facebook. Or you know, just leave a comment here. I reply to everything.

For anything else shoot me over an email at Gallivantinggeorgia@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Georgia! Great blog. Would you like the join the Generation? You have the journalism skills we need. I offer a bio, link and picture of you in my “about+writer” section if you contribute to Generation Passport!

  2. I love your blog! I haven’t had the chance to travel outside New Zealand yet, but now at 31 years of age I’m planning my first ever trip for 2016!!!!!

      • USA, Croatia (Dad’s Croatian, so its more of an discovery sort of trip), Greece, Italy and France.

        Is there an Waiver program of some sort for 30 countries who don’t need to travel on an particular visa? I’m pretty sure it exists.

  3. I agree – I didn’t really like Australia either! People have this rose-tinted view that it is the promised land but it really is not that. It is just over-rated and over-priced. The only 2 good things I did in Australia did for me was work with other backpackers (party) at a cattle statIon in Queensland and work and save lots of money in the cities, saving all of it to be spent in South East Asia!

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