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My first trip of 2014: Mexico! (With £258 RTN flights)

I’m going to Mexico!

When I posted about my 2014 travel plans a couple of weeks ago I already had the feeling that I might not stick to them entirely, but I definitely didn’t expect to be making a last minute trip to Mexico!

During a sleepless night I was trawling the internet and came across an almost too-good-to-be-true offer on the Thomson website – direct return flights to Cancun for £258. For those of you who don’t live in the UK flights from the UK to Mexico don’t come cheap and normally cost around £600!

But here it was – direct flights with a good airline – from my local airport – at great times – for £258 return. (Picture of the flight breakdown provided below)

Mexico, Holiday, Cancun, Birmingham, cheap flight

After checking and double-checking that the flight wasn’t actually from Birmingham Alabama I booked my ticket faster than you can say Buenos dias. (And I’m so glad I did, the cost for the same flight just a few weeks later was £900!) Unfortunately Thomson include a £75 charge for putting a bag in the hold (tip: emulating Ryanair’s ridiculous baggage policies isn’t a way to get fans) and as I couldn’t manage with the pitiful hand baggage allowance I had to fork out for my backpack. I also decided to pay £15 for a transfer from the airport to Cancun, even though I’m sure I could have gotten it for cheaper on the ground, because I quite like being looked after a long haul flight.

Even with all of this I had change from £350.

I’d never given too much thought about visiting Mexico because of the cost of flying there, but I’m incredibly excited.  I’m only going for two weeks but it’ll be lovely to get out of the drizzly British winter and into somewhere hot and exotic. I can’t wait to gorge on Mexican food, swim with turtles at Akumal Beach, have some serious beach time at Isle Mujeres and check out the Mayan ruins.

I don’t plan on spending any time in Cancun itself, and my itinerary currently stands as follows:

Escaping Cancun by hopping a ferry to Isla Mujeres for some quiet relaxation, snorkelling and yoga with a day trip to the uninhabited Isla Contoy where you can get up close to manta rays and tropical fish.

From there I’m planning to head to Playa Del Carmen. From there my route is pretty open, but I definitely want to visit the beachside ruins of Tulum, wonder of the world Chichén Itzá, Akumal Beach aka Turtle Beach and cultural city Merida. I’ll finish off at Isla Holbox, which is famous for its whale shark sightings, though unfortunately I’ll be going too early in the year to see them.

Are you going to be in Mexico in early February – I’d love to meet up with anyone who will be!

3 thoughts on “My first trip of 2014: Mexico! (With £258 RTN flights)

  1. OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mexico! I am from Texas and used to go there all of the time. The beaches where you will be going are spectacular! I miss Mexico a lot…..back in the day, you could fly there for nothing from Houston….so I would take weekend trips to beach destinations…but also places like Mexico City and even Real de Catorce via Saltillo. Anyway…enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…the Mexican people are wonderful!

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