Leaving university and moving to London

Confession: I’ve been neglecting my blog.

Anyone who frequents my little corner of the internet may have noticed a significant downturn in the number of posts popping up on Gallivantinggeorgia. It’s true, I’ve not been updating this blog anywhere near as much as I should be.

But before I get all self-critical and label myself as a bad blogger, I do have two excuses for my AWOL stint.

Elephant and Castle shopping centre

1) I had my dissertation to finish.


After two grueling months of early morning starts and 2am finishes, my Masters degree is done and dusted. I could not be happier. I can actually write again – and enjoy it – without feeling guilty that I’m not doing university work.

Which leads me on nicely to point number two.

Tower Bridge London

2) I’ve moved to London!

Yep! As a self-confessed London-hater, I never expected to be living in the capital a mere 3 days after handing in my dissertation. But here I am.

I’m currently interning at a travel PR company based in the gorgeous London Bridge area until the end of the year.

When I’m not in the office I’m living in Elephant and Castle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Elephant, it’s an area in Southwark, Central London which is more famous for dodgy council estates and rather questionable brutalist architecture than UNESCO sites.

Despite it not being the most beautiful part of the city, I actually really like it here. It’s cheap, unpretentious and extremely diverse. There’s nothing in this world that I can’t get from down the road I’m on. Plus, that elephant is pretty cool. And I live right next to East Street Market, which is always an interesting place to take a gander.

East Street Market, Elephant and Castle London

I’ll be popping up a post all about it soon.

So, now I’ve updated everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be posting again – and much more regularly, about my London explorations.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to get to grips with my new home.

Do any of you live in Southwark? Or London in general? I’d love to hear from you!

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