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Bar Poë – the best tapas in Granada

Bar Poë – I’d heard about this delicious little bar before I’d even arrived in Granada and duly set out to sample its wares. Sadly it was a Monday and it was closed. The following night I returned – and I’m so, so glad I did. 

Before I go on, let me promise you this – you will love Bar Poë.

Granada is one of the last cities in Spain where bars and restaurants dutifully dole out free tapas with every drink. Bar Poë is no exception. Every beverage saw another mouthwatering dish delivered to our table (you can even choose which tapas you’d like)

I went with a couple of people from my hostel and between us, we managed to eat every single item on the menu. Granada really wasn’t good for my waistline!

Now, onto the food.

Bar Poë does traditional tapas with a unusual twist. Instead of traditional Spanish fare like chorizo and patatas bravas, Poë serves up more international flavours of tapas, including Brazilian black bean and pork stew, chicken in spicy Thai sauce and pineapple and grilled pork skewers.

Bar Poe, Granada

My favourites were the piri piri pork stew and chicken in coconut sauce with polenta. After an unforgettable but exhausting day of walking around the enchanting Alhambra, it was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately I got a little too snap happy and killed my camera battery, so I couldn’t take any pictures of the gorgeous food.

The service was fast and friendly, the drinks strong and cheap (only €2!) and the atmosphere buzzing. The result? The best tapas bar in Granada.

Open from 8pm to 12.30am, it’s not a place for earlybirds – make sure you rock up pretty soon after 8pm to make sure you nab a table – it gets very busy!

When I return to Granada, I’ll definitely be heading back to Bar Poë!

For more information check out:

*Image credit: De Tapeo Por Granada*

Have you eaten at Bar Poë? What tapas did you enjoy most?

2 thoughts on “Bar Poë – the best tapas in Granada

  1. FREE!! I would so be there 🙂 Wanted to visit Granada when I was in Spain recently but just didn’t have enough time. I’ll get there one day though – and stuff myself!

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